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Hi Guys and girls,

I be travelling to NZ , northernisland on 1st week of March. Thought of sharing my itenary and would welcome if you can share your opinion or suggestion to make our trip better.

Bought an airticket from SG to auckland at 1288 per pax. (NOW they come out with second birthday sale, which only cost 980!!).
Reach auckland airport on 3rd March at ~1140pm
-Will check in a nearby hotel and have a quick rest.
-Next day i would be renting a motorhome at nearby hotel, Wilderness is the company.
- Will travel down south, towards Waitomo for black water rafting. Will probably have brunch at Huhu Cafe
-After waitomo, will drive towards Lake taupo for a stay over.
- Skydiving the next day. follow by exploring of town at lake taupo.
- Go for the Torigario Alphine crossing, which will most probably take a day. Stay over at lake taupo again.
So its gona be 3d2n at lake taupo
-Go for the huka fall jet before driving off to Rotorua.
-Probably stay there for 3d n. Will join Te puria tour, try the Rotura night market. And go for the Wai O tapu or Hells gate tour. If time permit, will go for wine tasting at the wineary near the skyline condola.
-Drive towards Hobbiton village on the 7th day. Before proceeding back to Auckland main city.
-Explore the city for 3d2n, and back to SG

Budget would be around 2.5k per pax for 2 person.

Any suggestion?
anyone can help me in in my planning as above? i am not sure if its good or too rush or anything
also i am rching auckland in the midnight arnd 12am. Is there any place to stay nearby as i would need to pick up my motorhome then ext day morning
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