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anyone can help me in in my planning as above? i am not sure if its good or too rush or anything
also i am rching auckland in the midnight arnd 12am. Is there any place to stay nearby as i would need to pick up my motorhome then ext day morning
jus to confirm ur skydive is 1 day and alpine crossing is 1 day right?

havent done the tongariro alpine crossing but i had housemates who did it... takes up 1 full day from early day... your fitness will also determine how soon you start/end...

the spot u start and end can also be different right? so since u have ur own car u have to ownself see how best to get back to ur car...

hell's gate is interesting... very large areas of those pools... can play with the mud too...

i think there's a geyser in the taupo area too but i cant rmb exactly the name or where it is...

the luge at taupo has a longer trail than the one at queenstown, i tried both and taupo's one is definitely more enjoyable...

the schedule seems ok to me
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