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Typically a good portable business grade with onsite support will cost $600-$1k.
Consumer grade can also be consider but not recommended.
Firstly if the unit spoil, you have to send to the service center.
Whereas business one you just call the vendor to send it in.
Second will be the lumens isn't that as bright as proper business

You can contact vendors like 01 computer, AV media and etc.
to get quote for such portable projector.
I still suggest if such projector is regular used, bring such matter
up to the admin/building/operations side to purchase such asset.

However for regular used, it is still recommended to get a fixed
projector installation instead.
Probably they don't want to purchase cuz projector needs
to be maintain and it can be easily spoil after sometime which
means cost.

Alternate is to get a cheap TV and mount on the wall.
Life in SG is stressful so managed it well if not it will consume you.
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