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Just tried out Uevo Green that I got from GX bro, and have got to say that I'm impressed! Despite what they describe about it having a 7/10 rating for shine, it's actually a really neutral, natural finish as compared to Uevo Grey having a dry matte finish. As of now, somehow found the experience to be better as compared to Uevo Grey, but too early to say as my hair is still relatively short (just cut).

But for the matter, did not use any pre-styler (again might change when my hair is longer). What I did was emulsify product into hands, and then scrunch my hair up instead of applying it root to tip like how most youtube videos recommend. I have found this method to be more effective for our hair type. Will update again as my hair grows, and will prolly post a full review of Uevo Green then too
You said "then scrunch my hair up instead of applying it root to tip", do you mean only apply to the outer hair length (those hair people can see). From root inner hair that other people unable to see area is it nothing applied? Maybe if you free do a video teach.

You say Green experience better than Grey means what? Green holding power is it better?

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