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You said "then scrunch my hair up instead of applying it root to tip", do you mean only apply to the outer hair length (those hair people can see). From root inner hair that other people unable to see area is it nothing applied? Maybe if you free do a video teach.

You say Green experience better than Grey means what? Green holding power is it better?

Haha I won't be doing a video to demo. Basically, scrunching referring to grabbing sections of your hair instead of throughly applying from root to tip, like how it is commonly taught. Yes, I kind of felt Green worked better than Grey in terms of holding my style, and its endurance. But now that my hair is longer, I start to see results which are abit more like how I had with Grey(did a review on Grey some time back). Tho I've got very fine hair in general, so I have difficulty with alot of products. I've deduced that Uevo's strength come from its ability to "fixate" and harden, and in that sense it works very much like hairspray. The product will work best as a post styler, after pre styling to give your hair the basic structure first - thats if you have longer hair. Or at least for fine haired folk like me haha. Make no mistake though, its still a solid product in my opinion.

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