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is it a must to do abel tasman?

i think most time shld be spent in south island from the st arnaud area down to milford sound, especially if u r a scenery person and wans to hike or do many trails here n there... if u were to split the south island into 4 quarters... i would prioritise the middle 2 quarters...

otherwise i suggest dun do the whole abel tasman, pick part(s) of it... u can take the water taxi (boat) to various bays along the trail and start from there...
Its actually my first time doing a multi-day trek(if don't consider outfield trainings) and I'm doing it for a very personal reason. It was between Abel Tasman and Milford Track and I decided to go with Abel Tasman.

I still have two weeks to visit the rest of the island so I'm not too worried
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