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No troll. No need answer if no answer. I usually cut at $10 saloon (quick cut put card kind), also try $10+ those shop house saloon, and I only tried one time $25, seems similar result. So I just wondering if that $25 I bad luck or what. Why people go $25 kind of saloon is it because shop nicer at shopping centre, got tea, feel better or because better hair cut.
Usually when the prices are higher,u would expect more attentive service from the staff(drinks etc part of it) , or more time spent on your cut in general. Doesn't mean that higher prices = better cut though. It depends on the salon and the quality of the hairdressers that they hire as well. Personally though, I feel that guys do not need to spend too much money esp if u keep a short haircut. We cut our hair once a month on average. Paying 40 bucks vs 10 odd bucks to have your sides buzzed and your top thinned/shaped out every month. See the logic here? But of course there are many people who insist on paying for a mor expensive haircut. Could be down to various reasons.

As for the example u stated, if a 25 bucks haircut looks the same as a 10 bucks haircut u had from before.. U know the 25 bucks place is not worth the money. Pretty straightforward right XD
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