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I've tried the Clay and Wax Pomade, tbh its not bad bro. Very basic products but they work pretty well in our weather. The owner sent me his new range to try. Personally like the Clay Pomade cos of its lighter weight yet strong hold.

Anws, speaking of lightweight products. I went to re-try the sample of Indians Molding Clay that was given to me by leejhong bro.
Solid stuff guys. Trust me. So far have not found a product that has a better strength to weight ratio (Probably even better than Morris) Extremely high hold yet extremely lightweight. Easy to wash off. I just ordered a full-sized jar. This is a holy grail product.. Trust me when I say it.
If you are referring to Indians Extra Strong Hold Molding Clay, I also agreed that it is lightweight yet has extremely strong hold and probably one of the strongest hold among the products that I have used previously.

However, I found that it is not easy to wash off. When you shampoo your hair once, you may feel that the clay has been washed off. But if you feel your hair again, you will feel that there is still some residue on your hair that you will need to shampoo one more time.
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