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Go search for Cameron Cretney's post on the group bro haha, can't miss one. Even if you can't find it from scrolling, can use the search function, sure can find. Rabak tho.. Duno what type of marketing stunt this is on HDF's part LOL.

In a nutshell, they accuse Blumaan + other big youtube brands such as By Vilain etc of all being "white label" brands. In the sense that they actually all use a generic product formula that is produced by a lab, only diff are minor changes here and there. Idk what they're trying to get at because this is actually common practice.. Brand owners like Blumaan usually have limited knowledge about product formulations. The products are usually produced by a cosmetics lab per request of the company engaging them (u tell them what properties u want in a product, they produce it, if approved then good if not approved then reformulate again). Product formulations are usually some deviation of a generic one. The job and aim of the brands like Blumaan etc is just to market the products and gain revenue. The only few people really doing things differently are the homebrewers, who actually come up with their own formulas and actually brew the products themselevs.
there's nothing wrong with that as different formulas will create a different result.
even just buy reducing some and adding others.

By vilain, blumaan, HDF knows nothing about cosmetic chemistry.

so far, i think by vilain is legit, they are lab made of course.

same goes for HDF, the owners know NOTHING about hair products. they just market the products and their products cmi anyway.
They're probably jealous of blumaan trying to use their formula for success.

for blumaan, same same la. between blumaan and hdf, they're the same. gravity paste is blumaan original i think. smells and look the same.
their marketing tactics and naming of products abit cmi. what's fifth sample pomade? why sell if its a sample? LOL

i think above all, by vilain more satki than this 2. at least they steer clear away from generic products.
the only failure is the powermade, don't even know what's that. lol totally useable.3

morris motley is different, hand made and formulated by rob mason himself. he studied cosmetic chemistry and came out with his own unique formula.

same goes for japan brands such as uevo, spice sister and deuxer etc, which are very very diffferent from the US lab made. these are all formulated in japan labs.

lastly, those china nonsense made by singaporeans, LOL, even taobao can buy these wax and repackage, that's why its the same metal tin, smells and look the same.
after 1 year, it all turns into this gooey BS that is useable.
jialat, ubersuave etc, stay away from them.
$9.90, i think gabsty better LOL

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