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Thanks, will get that spray and try it out and finish out with my villian. Currently l'm using hair gel coz wax is damaging to my hair, everytime I use it hair just keeps falling off.

What brand of hair gel are you using? Gel provides a good fixated hold, but tends to look really wet and stiff. Most modern waxes geared towards the salon market are more towards the natural sheen/matte finish. I think you're good with By Vilain though. You'll realise that you'll need much lesser finishing product once you use sea salt spray. But if there are other matte finish products you wish to explore, I'd recommend trying out Morris Motley Styling Balm like what GX has recommended, if you can fit it into your budget. Otherwise, you can take a look at leejhong bro's recommendations Most of his products work really well with our hair type and climate
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