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LOL the blumaan vs hdf saga is a friggin' joke.

all the dumb kids inside. burn HDF la, thrash HDF la.

jin funny.

Ya bro. Tbh I'm pretty sure quite a few of the aforementioned companies have their products formulated from the same lab. Only reason why they are deemed as "superior" to other products etc is solely because of marketing. And because we are so exposed to all these marketing messages, etc youtube social media etc we tend to think that these are the only good products out there. What if, for example one of the brands like L'oreal or Got2b had their products manufactured in the same lab, and they work just as well as any of the youtuber brand's products? They cost half the price, sometimes more.

When it comes down to it, its all about marketing. I'll mention this tho, HDF did do a good job with the whole "organic" thing which is also reflected in their product formulas: If you notice, there are indeed ALOT of natural extracts in most of their products. This alone sets them apart by ALOT. You don't see this commonly in other products. Even Original by Blumaan's formula contains alot more "synthetic" sounding ingredients.

That being said though, like what GX bro said, Gravity Paste and Original looks to be the same product subject to minor differences in the properties. Smells the same, behaves the same. And guess what, for a HDF formula, Gravity Paste contains significantly lesser natural ingredients than usual. I have a feeling both products are the same, and gravity paste was purposely released earlier than Original in order to capture some of the market share first, and at the same time lead people to think that Original "copied" HDF's Gravity Paste, if anything.
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