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Hi Gurus.. need your advice on the products to use. Recently just soft rebonded my hair. And my hairstyle is back-comb. I do not blow dry hair, only towel dry it. Currently using Roughman Matte Pate, and normal hair spray. Able to recommend products to use? Without having to blow dry? What are some of the products to recommend and how to apply.

I was reading this thread and realised lots of recommendation on Ref 323 Sea Salt Spray.. does it work like a normal spray?
you need to learn how to blow dry your hair.
towel dry is not going to cut it.

ref 323 is a pre styling spray, meaning you spray on towel dry hair and blow dry using a hair dryer.

when its fully dry, then use a good styling product to style your hair. usually matte styling product or infact most products work best in blown dry hair.

if you don't learn how to blow dry, it's quite hard to style, only alternative is use hair gel. lol

there's also a reason why hair stylist blow dry hair before styling
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