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Surely can but do note that the drive from Queesntown >> Milford Sound is damn long and tiring so I actually wasted the rental car that day and signed up a day tour with "Jucy" a local agency there. The Bus uncle chionged from Queenstown 6am.... Stopped by a mirror-lake, a few LOTR-like scenary like area and reach there about 1pm. The ferry trip lasted about 1 hr.... basically blow cold wind, see majestic cliffs and mini waterfalls + the main waterfall (Nothing spectacular IMHO) then chiong back to Queenstown by 8-9pm.. (Slept through most of the bus journey)...
That's what I was saying days earlier. Sure you can drive, but by the end of the day you'll be so tired, then you need more than your 8 hours of sleep, and you put yourself in danger if you ngeh ngeh drive.. Might as well pay for an experienced, well-rated guide to bring you around.

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