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Yes im in Asia server.. but if have different heroes without good gears also cant clear story right? Im only doing chpter 2 easy still. because normal are lv 20 and abv.

I dont understand why some equips have T1 or stars? whats the difference?
you need to grind for levels to max out at level 30, then need to farm for fragments to unlock to fight your dark self, after winning you need a **** ton of gold to cleanse to unlock the next star.

If you are super patient, then you can farm for gold at the highest possible stage without dying..

if not, really need to spend some money..

As i have said if u got no problems clearing story modes then get heroes, as pvp and stockade u need more than your default 4.

then gear is your top priority. you get gear liao, also need to enhance to the highest possible level.

Tier refers to the level of the character can equip

T2 u need level 20 and above
T3 u need level 30 and above
T4 u need level 40 and above
T5 u need level 50 and above

i think grade more important (green for uncommon, blue for rare , purple for epic, orange or red or yellow ? for legendary)

higher the grade, you can have more gear options, you can enhance more. +5, +10, +15 etc.

stars will increase the main stats of the gear.

but difficult to increase stars, as u need the same gear with the same amount of stars to ensure 100% awaken

in order to have a gear of 3 stars you need 2 x gears with 2 stars.
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