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Hi guys, i would like to know if i can just retake my ippt at safra with just the 2 static station as i failed my ippt by 2points. I scored 14pt for both static station and 21pt for 2.4km. HELP GUYS. THANK YOU.
Q5. Can an NSman retake a static station that he has scored badly in?

Ans: The NSman can re-take that static station within 90 days from the date he
last took the IPPT. To be eligible for this partial re-test, he must have failed
to achieve at least 1 point in only one static station in the IPPT, but has
attained the required minimum total points. However, he will not be
eligible for the monetary incentive.
I guess it looks like a no. but your running very good, think you train a bit more can hit silver easily liao.
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