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Thanks. I'll check Luno out.

I also came across this blog: Rank # 1 is CoinBase. I went to the coinbase site, and they also support SG customers. Will browse and check this site more.
The thing about those sites there is that it is difficult for you to deal in coins and you may lose a bit to wire fees and exchange rates.

That's why you use sites like Coinhako and Luno, I haven't used Luno before but it seems to be a Singapore company so it should be the same as Coinhako - you can directly use FAST bank transfer to top up your account and then buy the coins using the funds.

Thanks for your reply. Frankly, I find establishing bitcoin as a mainstream currency is still a long way to go. Buying and selling still isn't so easy, and includes the constant worry of how reliable and secure the providers are to park your money with them and trade.

I will take a look at Coinhako. Also, I read about itBit. Thanks.
yeah of course, personally don't think bitcoin will ever become a mainstream currency unless some president or big superpower endorse it.

bitcoin exchanges and wallets can disappear overnight too as they are not really regulated yet.

but buying and selling is pretty easy if you use any of the Singapore or asia sites, just bank transfer here and there only and then wait for a few days. if you use sites like coinbase, you still have to do international wire transfer (which you may not be able to do through ibanking), etc.
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