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My initial target was CFA Vega (coming from Andromeda), but turn out i was really disappointed (still prefers BA) and wanted to walk away before the shop lady brought this out asked if i know what is StageDiver, the rest was history.
First look it reminded me of the TFZ series 5 except this was bigger physically. It looked extremely normal and uninspiring but it was really damn deceiving as the first 2 songs i played with it i was able to notice more details compared to Andro. 8 drivers do make a difference. Soundstage is not as wide as Andro but the mids are effortlessly clearer imo.

I have not tried the treble/bass settings yet.

Then the fit was also out of this world (reminded me of the KZ ZS3 which i've sold hundreds of them previously) !

More info here;

I took a few hours to consider, did some google and end up with this by end of the day

Update 23 Feb
Think i have found my own end-game in this IEM. Going to sell all my other IEMs (except 1 or 2).
In my own words the PP8 is one hell of a powerhouse and brings out the punch is almost all songs.. For the tweak to the bass, the difference really isnt much unless your source has really weighty bass, otherwise i will just let it be at neutral.

When time comes audio doesn't satisfy you anymore then thats the end game.
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