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I need to go overseas for a very important 4-day long work trip in two weeks hence missing out the opportunity to complete my RT (window closes end of the month) as I can only attend up to a maximum of 18 sessions now. I might not even be able to complete the remaining sessions that I booked because I'm serving a number of clients now whose deadlines are all coming and I still have to rush collaterals for my work trip which was only planned in mid-Feb (if I don't go, it would mean possible loss of income)

I read that under the new system, no possibility of extension now, so am I completely screwed? I can't tell my company to tell someone else to go as I am self-employed with no employees. Almost died last year from working on my degree and cleaning up the mess from an errant business partner whom I've since sacked (and I'm still in the process of cleaning it up). Went for last year's charge and the JDO just told me that I should have managed my time better. I was in a really bad position where I hated my life, barely had opportunity to sleep and he's lucky I didn't break his face then.

What can I do? Email my unit? But don't want another robot reply....

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