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Based on the Switch thread, some of our fellow local hwz forumers are facing hw problems like joy-con desync, left joy-con battery draining and feeling hot to touch, switch battery draining while in sleep mode and even when off, switch feeling hot to touch, dead pixel at the center of the switch screen etc. I don't know how many ppl here have the Switch already, the friend code thread shows about 30, so probably 60 have it? 4 or 5 ppl unlucky enough to encounter problem is a pretty high proportion. And this is still new, I fear some other problems could happen, like the fan failing over time, the kickstand breaking.

Not saying we should be paying Maxsoft tax (f**k them, no one should be paying that), but just be aware of what you are getting into if you don't have warranty. And just evaluate for yourself whether you really NEED to have the Switch now? (To play what? Zelda, a single-player game, play later won't die one; and then what? the super overpriced bomber man? and then buy all sorts of overpriced ports cos there is nothing else to play?) Chill lah, can wait just wait lor.
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