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No.....its lifetime. Dont know where you get the impression that its only 1 year. People have been using the box for the best part of 2 to 3 years. The black version though $30 cheaper, has less ram, less storage space and no bluetooth. Get it if you solely want the box for the streaming apps as the box is practically useless for everything else.
Thanks for your advice.

I checked the spec for white and black version, it seems that the only difference is 8G vs 16G and no Bluetooth.
Does Pro version provide Bluetooth remote controller? if the Bluetooth is used for game controller, then I think 1G ram is tough to play the game.
Does this Bluetooth support wireless earpieces?
Also Bluetooth sticker is 20 RMB only from TB.
I think it is worth to buy Pro version if it has 2G+ Ram.
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