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hi!! i need help for my 2 days kyoto as per below:
is my itinerary ok so far?

Jr Kyoto Line from KIX to Kyoto
Torroko Arashiyama
Sagano road of bamboo forest
Tenryuji temple
Nijo Castle (Nijojo) - Need to take note of closing time, Arashiyama to Nijo is not so close
The Cube Shopping Mall - if got time - Not Worth while. If u staying in Osaka, Osaka shopping is much better than Kyoto.
Take Jr Kyoto Line to Osaka

Fushimi Inari Shrine
Kiyomizudera Temple - The main stage covered up. Might not be worth while to go anymore
Lunch at Higashiyama district, and explore the old shopping street at Higashiyama. - If you referring to the route to Kiyomizu, past few years so crowded that is not worth to go anymore
Maruyama Park

Stroll down Kamogawa River
Hanami-koji street in Gion district
Walk from Gion to Nishiki market. - Don't be too late or else all closed
Take Jr Kyoto Line to Osaka

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