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Jr Kyoto Line from KIX to Kyoto
Torroko Arashiyama
Sagano road of bamboo forest
Tenryuji temple
Nijo Castle (Nijojo) - Need to take note of closing time, Arashiyama to Nijo is not so close
Take Jr Kyoto Line to Osaka

^ if i cant make it by 5pm for Nijo, think i'll needa go back osaka for the night since nothing to do alr

Fushimi Inari Shrine
Kiyomizudera Temple - The main stage covered up. Might not be worth while to go anymore
Lunch at Higashiyama district, and explore the old shopping street at Higashiyama. - If you referring to the route to Kiyomizu, past few years so crowded that is not worth to go anymore

Maruyama Park
Stroll down Kamogawa River
Hanami-koji street in Gion district
Walk from Gion to Nishiki market. - Don't be too late or else all closed
Take Jr Kyoto Line to Osaka

^ but for Kiyomizudera, are the stalls there (eg: selling charms) still be opened? is it possible if i go nishiki market first then go gion for dinner? heard there's a nice tofu restaurant?
1. The last admission of Nijo castle is 4pm and close at 5pm. Ideally you need around 1.5-2 hours to walk through the vast ground of Nijo Castle. Alternatively u can go to temples around Tenryuji like Jojakkoji or Gioji or even Daikakuji.

2. Torroko Arashiyama, are you referring to the Sagano Scenic Railway. That one is quite popular with tourists. If you want to guarantee you will get a seat, u might want to reserve in advance at JR west ticket counter.

3. Yes. Omamori (Charm) within Kiyomizu will be still available for sale.

4. Nishiki, you can try. But to me not tier 1 attraction. Rather you cover some other nice temples along the route. Near Fushimi got Tofukuji. Near Kiyomizu got Kodaiji, Nanzenji those kind.

5. Yodofu ranking according to Tabelog
If you want good one, there is top one at Arashiyama.

6. Gion for dinner. I recommend do some research or reservation beforehand instead of randomly finding restaurants when you are there.
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