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Finally, got hold of and installed the Asus Strix GTX1060 6GB card here 4/3/17.

Note that synthetic game benches may not always give the complete picture. Modern games with good threaded support and for those who multitask eg. game, record and stream simultaneously, will value the advantage gain from better multicore performance.

For simple pure gaming, the 8 cores 16 threads Ryzen 7 may be way overkill, consider either getting a fast quad or even better still, wait for Ryzen 5 & 3 (almost here?) before deciding. Online fps games involving up to 64 players like Battlefield 1 likely require much more crunching power than smaller games like Overwatch so overkill may ultimately be a matter of relativity.

And according to the latest Steam survey, the most common video resolution presently is still FHD ie. 1920 x 1080 so perhaps, just a few token synthetic gaming numbers done at FHD.

PS: would still advocate gamers to wait a little more for Ryzen 5 and 3, hopefully you can save some money towards a better video card.

3DMark Time Spy
Stock application setting, FHD

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