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1. The last admission of Nijo castle is 4pm and close at 5pm. Ideally you need around 1.5-2 hours to walk through the vast ground of Nijo Castle. Alternatively u can go to temples around Tenryuji like Jojakkoji or Gioji or even Daikakuji.

2. Torroko Arashiyama, are you referring to the Sagano Scenic Railway. That one is quite popular with tourists. If you want to guarantee you will get a seat, u might want to reserve in advance at JR west ticket counter.

if i can only pick one, which will u recommend to me to go? Nijo and other temples, or arashiyama?

3. Yes. Omamori (Charm) within Kiyomizu will be still available for sale.

hmm maybe i'll skip Kiyomizu since charms can be bought anywhere

4. Nishiki, you can try. But to me not tier 1 attraction. Rather you cover some other nice temples along the route. Near Fushimi got Tofukuji. Near Kiyomizu got Kodaiji, Nanzenji those kind.

Nishiki is more than our wet market right?

5. Yodofu ranking according to Tabelog
If you want good one, there is top one at Arashiyama.

6. Gion for dinner. I recommend do some research or reservation beforehand instead of randomly finding restaurants when you are there.
i heard potoncho is recommended for dinner?

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