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1. My suggestion is to just stick whole day at Arashiyama. Arashiyama got quite a lot of stuff to see beside bamboo forest and Tenryuji

what if i change it to below? will it be better?

Take Jr Kyoto Line to Kyoto
Nijo Castle (Nijojo) - early morning
Torroko Arashiyama (if no tickets) / Togetsukyo Bridge
Sagano road of bamboo forest
Tenryuji temple
Saga-Toriimoto Preserved Street
Daikakuji Temple
Jojakkoji Temple

2. Omamori. Most temples got sell but they sell their own stuff. meaning Kiyomizu omamori is different from other temples. If your purpose is just get any Omamori regardless of specific tempels or shrines then ur first shrine Fushimi Inari also got sell

since kiyomizu main hall is covered up, maybe i'll just touch n go for this.

Fushimi Inari Shrine
Kiyomizudera Temple
Higashiyama district (if too crowded will skip)
Maruyama Park
Nishiki Market
Philosopher's Path
Gion district

3. Is not exactly wet market but more like a dry market selling various ingredient to bring home for cooking etc. You can also find those chopsticks, knife, cooking pot. A lot of pickle stuff since japanese eat them often with meal

oh so i doubt i'll spend alot time for this

4. Potoncho. A lot of restaurants but i never eat there before. i think many tourists trap around there. In order to avoid falling into those traps, u need plan your meal beforehand. Look at Tabelog for rating, do the necessary reservations if needed.
ok i'll ssrr first. if nothing attracts me, i'll go back KIX for dinner/supper
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