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The first route, at Aoto you will stay onboard the train and then alight oshiage. Need to exit from the Keisei station and then enter the metro station.

Then second route u stay onboard until nihonbashi then u exit the Toei station and enter the Metro Station.

get the IC Card at the airport (Suica Card) then it is easier to enter and exit instead of buying physical ticket.
For most train lines in Japan, as long as you switch between different operators, you will need to exit and enter again. in some stations, there are multiple operators. In Singapore, we got smrt and sbs and we don't need to exit and enter to transfer operator but in Japan tokyo they got metro, JR, Toei, Keisei, Tokyu, Tobu, Seibu, Keio, Odakyu, Keikyu etc

Alternatively as Gixxerfied mentioned, at 4:22pm there is a JR direct train Narita express which goes from T2 to Shibuya without any switching trains. Cheapest will be 3190 Yen and take around 76mins.
dont forget about Bus ah

bring u straight to either Ginza or Tokyo stn. Take either from Tokyo yamanote line to Shibuya. Or Ginza to Shibuya, both also can, Ginza one is simpler for you. heard the Tokyo bus stop is away from stn, so maybe Ginza one is easier with luggage.

Look at these to decide where to alight:

Tokyo stn alight is better if raining as its covered all the way.
Thanks for the reply ...
ya .. bus seems to be a good choice also ..
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