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This is why I am not for putting flowers on cake.

UK Environmental Health advises against garnishing your wedding cake with anything that is not an approved food product unless you can ensure that it is free from microbial, chemical or physical contamination.

Finally, for the same reason, please make sure that your caterer or florist does not push the stems of flowers into the cake that you are going to eat. These flower stems have recently been in water in vases or florist buckets so again there are food hygiene problems. Hospitals have banned fresh flowers from wards partly because of the number of bacteria harboured in flower water. Just remember that your cake maker, whilst qualified in food hygiene, is not a horticulturalist and should not be expected to know about flowers. Likewise your florist, may well know about flowers but not cakes.
Did shiberty mention anything abt the flowers used being organic and such? I wouldn't touch her cakes if lax she is lax about hygiene.

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