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The app assigned to Popular and favorite sections can not be changed ?
Can anyone advise? Thanks.

BTW found one 4k section from letv,Are these real 4k contents ?
Popular section are apps recommended from unblock to install. Those cant be changed. Favorite section can be deleted and changed to your choosing but dont think it can be done on the default unblock remote. You need an airmouse or normal mouse with left-right click buttons. Scroll to whichever icon you want to change, right click it and a pop-up will appear saying do you want to delete. Click yes and the icon slot will be empty now. Click on the empty slot and a drop down list of available app icons will appear. Select whatever and it will be assigned to the slot now.

Define "real" 4k? Nobody in their right mind will stream unaltered uncompressed 4k movies over the net as the file size is just way too big. A bluray uhd movie disc contains at the very least 20-30 gb of data. Even then, if you want to get technical, alot of those bluray uhd movies are shot in 2k then upscaled to 4k, barring exceptions like "the revenant" which was shot in 6k then down-sampled to 4k. Whatever 4k movies or drama you see being streamed on netflix, kodi or other apps are mostly upscaled or compressed media. Are these "real" 4k as you said? Not technically. As for me, i watch 10-bit hevc 1080p movies on my 4k tv and they look good enough for me.
If you want "real" 4k content then go get a 4k bluray player and uhd bluray movie discs.
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