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Ask you all ah, where do you all get your Unblock TV? I can find many sellers online and found a shop in SLS selling that (#03-65) but not sure whom to trust
So far i have bought quite a few unit from that shop since rk3066 Tv dongle era. So far satisfied with their service. They can give you advise and tips on the products. At once, i passed my ubox to one of my relatives and she did not how to use it, i was too busy that time, so i asked her to go there for a "training" LoL
So far i am happpy with although sometimes like mrt got service disruptions. LoL
Anyway, i am currently using another box call evpad. It is also came with 1k plus channels, vod and special version kodi by default. The Hk, Tw, korea, Japan and m'sia are having better quality vs ublock m'sia channels are not in full screen. Last, beware of those well renovated prc shop with many big screen on display if you wanted to buy in sim lim
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