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What do you mean by "reset"? If its app auto restart or the box reboot by itself, then yes it happens once in a while. But if you mean the box just factory resets by itself then that should not be happening at all. You really need to be more precise with what you are saying because "reset" can mean a whole bunch of things. Also, why is there a need for everything to be in 4k 4k 4k? Setting hdmi output to 4k only changes the interface resolution to 2160p and this has no bearings for pretty much everything else. Besides, this box only supports max 2160p@30hz, and with such a low end processor, it will only cause unnecessary lag. 1080p@60hz is the optimal resolution output even for 4k tv.
two times reset to factory default yesterday, everything is gone!!!
I will monitor very closely to see how.
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