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[Maylyn - Networking] ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300

ASUS has officially released their first ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 designed for extreme users, serious/causal gamers for further enhance their Internet/gaming experiences by a slew of new hardware design/features that will delight any serious/gamers alike out there.

Sporting the first 64bit 1.8GHz Broadcom (BCM49408) quad core CPU for serious CPU horsepower and their Tri-Band WiFi 4x4 2.4/5G single chip 802.11ac SoC (BCM4366) and coupled with 1GB DDR3 RAM for serious business.


~ Low power quad core B53, 64-bit ARM @ 1.8 GHz
~ 1MB shared L2 cache w/ ECC
~ IPSEC Crypto support
~ 32-bit DDR3-1600
~ 3x PCIe Gen2, USB3, SATA3
~ 2.5G-phy support (SGMII+)
~ 5 Integrated GE PHYs and switch

Tri-Band WiFi 4x4 2.4/5G single chip 802.11ac SoC (BCM4366)

The BCM4366 enables Broadcom’s second-generation XStream wi-fi router platform, delivering up-to 5.4Gb/s of thru-put.
Designed to support homes with multiple streaming devices, including Ultra HD content, the platform comes equipped with 8-stream 5G WiFi, MU-MIMO support, 1024 QAM support, Zero Wait DFS and explicit transmit beam-forming and offers our highest speed and performance over range, to-date.

~ Tri-band XStream AC5400 router support with three BCM4366 4x4 radios
~ Eight 802.11ac stream and four 802.11n simultaneous streams
~ MU-MIMO support for up to four clients in a single group
~ Zero Wait Dynamic Frequency selection (DFS), with 3+1 spectrum analysis
~ 1024 QAM Modulation support boost speeds by 25%
~ Support new FCC channels and regulatory requirements


Official ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300

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ASUS SG/TW Networking Tester

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