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I got one booking at Ai Tong School 100 bright Hill drive. So you will wait where? Outside the school, Inside the school or at bus stop at Sim ming Road? Note its a Sunday.

So I drove to outside the gate which is half closed. In the end the pax is not at the school but the bus stop outside the school. All these miscommunication always lead to waste of time. Some pax dun like answer phone too and you sms them they no reply. So you wanna wait and cancel and risk tio complain cos you wait at wrong area?
These jokers don't know where they are at, so they find the 'nearest' landmark they can associate with and pin it. They don't know how to use map to drag and drop the pin instead.

For me, if it's UberX I will make a call and ask them where they are if they don't appear after 1 min. If it's UberPool, wait 2mins and cancel $5.40 into pocket. They can dispute, but I waited at the pin, CSO will know better than to agree I didn't wait there. Pool 2mins easiest to wait.

If I already clocked my CK, 5mins up, I cancel also, $4.80 into pocket. $4.80 can cover about 20km mileage on Smove cars.

This strongly depends on how you need the trips/fares. I make it a point that when I start the day, I always take the first trip properly regardless how idiot the person might be. It's just a do-it and feel-good thing.

There are times the user pin the condo, but never provide block, so I just wait at the generic drop-off/pick-up point.

Communication mostly work both ways, sometimes it's just the rider's problem actually, do you want to waste time with such riders? Your call.

For eg: yday I kena a 275-280 Holland Village, which was along the 'main road', I circled slowly twice (not too slow cos behind got cars). Making a call would require one more round, and as I moved, nobody flagged me. So I didn't risk it, I just cancelled the job.

Most of them are too busy with their phones and expecting concierge services (phone/sms) before they come out.

Regular riders will know where their pin will be and advise you the correct 'road' or entrance to take.
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