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Try to learn which expressway lead to where and can connect to which expressway
It benefits u alot on the road
Like bke connect to sle go woodlands, opp direction can connect to pie>aye
Or tpe go pasir ris, pie or ecp straight to airport etc etc

If u take mrt often, u should b familiar with the mrt map, can make use of it
Example u stay at tiong bahru so u are familiar with that area
If u kena a call go to clementi, based on mrt map is on the left side of tiong bahru so if u take aye, it has to be aye(tuas) and not aye(city) coz tuas is west side
But if next time ur location is at jurong and get a call going to clementi, u have to take aye(city) liao, not aye(tuas) anymore coz based on mrt map, u need to go towards east side to reach clementi
Both destinations are also clementi but sometimes u may forgot coz u stay at tiong bahru and alr used to taking aye(tuas) to clementi, its a habit
When u are more used to the road, u wont made this mistake liao

ZT that not always true abt the MRT map. If you kanna one at boon lay wanna go Choa Chu kang how? You move to jurong east then go up to CCk from jurong east?
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