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Sound quality not important for me as I'm using for watching videos on public transport.

Jabra too bulky and don't need the sports functions
Yah I reviewed the Bragi Headphone and the sound is flat and lacks excitement. Treble is not clear and bass is not strong.

The benefit is the Transparency Mode where you can wear and still hear the ambient, as if it's open-back headphones.

The fit is really good and does not protrude out of the ears. Battery is decent but note that the cradle does not have battery for on-the-go charging.

My review:

Another earphones currently on Kickstarter campaign is local company Lend Me UR Ears product called JAAP. I just tested the prototype over the weekend and the sound quality is better than Bragi Headphone and early bird price is S$70. But only available after July.

Support local!
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