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You can go to Hin Huat at Sim Lim Square and check out the equipment. They are having very good clearance sales but all items are old models but new in a box. Basically karoake requires analogue equipment. I bought the Karastar from QOO10 which houses more than 10000 songs but the sound quality is not that good from the box but image quality is quite good. Bought a mixer from Hin Huat which help to improve sound quality and reduce the mic sound feedback during singing.
thanks for sharing.
how much do you spend for all these?

currently, I have 2 sound bar, 1 from ac ryan moment.
hence, for now, my sound system is still suffice to meet our expectation.

what I'm lacking is the program that allows karaoke,
I tried to find android apps but none seem to be able to meet the expectation. or can't support via the android box.

I was actually contemplating between popsical, $200 which gather its sources from their cloud.
or a system from Q10, price is $500-$700?

my concern which will be more future proof and reliable.
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