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Very useful consolidation, thanks.
Online spend classification is a can of worms though so would be useful to link to our very own crowd sourced spreadsheet:
Will do!

Not really, the 3xpoints ie 1.2miles/$ is for paywave, and only apply to the visa version.

The 5% shopping rebate promo ending on 31 mar, not sure if will extend.
Will add to list if it extends.

Nice list. Would be good to state whether miles will expire or will not expire for the respective cards because some are having non-expiry which is an important point for some people.
I feel that doing this will create too much clutter, and most miles collector should be aware of their own expiry dates. Made this thread mainly for the purpose of eliminating all the "What's the best card for XXX/YYY merchant?" threads, so that other more useful threads can be on the first page as well.
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