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Thanks for the information. This time round, may not go Austria. I am changing my plan to Switzerland instead and stay one place with more days.

Hi there,

Just came back from my Europe trip last month.
You can plan not to stay too long in Munich as there is nothing much to do over there. Maybe 1 night in Munich and 1 night in Berchtesgardener if you want.
For myself, I stayed 2 nights in Munich and I just did a day trip to Berchetesgardener - beautiful lake and scenery, plus you can visit the salt mine which is 500 years old over there.
As for Hallstatt, its really a beautiful place which I stayed 1 night and I kinda regret not allocating more nights at there. You may wish to stay 2 nights in Hallstatt instead?
Btw, train to Hallstatt arrive on time for you to board but half of the journey, it slowed down and got a slight delay, but the ferry across will wait. On the way back from Hallstatt, the train got delayed and worst, it broke down and I miss my next connecting train. You might want to allocate a longer transit train for this purpose from hallstatt to cresky krumlove?

Sorry, I have no ideas for the other places as I did not travel to the rest of the places you have mentioned.
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