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The karaoke box have a hard disk of 4TB with some extra memory to store new songs that can be downloaded from the internet. You can also attached a portable hard disk to the box and store more songs. So far I have not downloaded any songs as I am lazy to search online for these songs. The karoake songs needs to have 2 audio track. One with original singer vocal and one without. Don't have to worry about songs being erase as the seller told me that the songs library is protected from deletion but how true I do not know. You can try when you purchase the box and feedback to me. Ha ha ha. BTW I am not related to the seller.
with expandable option, that is good.

I just afraid that I may not need so much songs, hence will be deleting them.
do they give you a link where you can download the 2 audio track?

don't worry, its not a sale thread.
just for sharing good buys, making our money well spent
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