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Cologne is a must to have, coz I will need to depart from there and back to Singapore.

My first time to Europe, Bern not worth staying in your opinion?
Which other place can I go besides Bern?
okay, so you're flying into munich and out of cologne. it's really odd to be visiting switzerland, as it is really out of the way. if switzerland is not a must, why don't you focus on germany and austria?

last december, i spent a week visiting bavaria, while based in munich and nuremberg for three nights each. I also stopped over in cologne for an afternoon enroute to brussels. cologne's only attraction is the cathedral, which is just outside the train station.

it wasn't a very interesting week.

if i could do it all over again, i would go directly to salzburg (less than two hours away by train from munich) for a few days, return to munich for a night or two, head up to berlin for yet a few more nights and return to cologne to catch the flight home (in your case).
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