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I transfer ETH in just to sell them, and never store anything in their account for long, but what was supposed to be an instant sell with immediate cash credit into my Xfers account a week ago turned into "transaction completed" with no credit. So Coinbase took my ETH without paying me and after many delaying tactics (various emails saying "we are looking into it" with no action) from Coinbase they finally closed my account with zero explanation.

Googling the issue I realized many people globally suffered losses at Coinbase in one form or another all around this time, including some from Singapore.

Xfers gave no warning to others about Coinbase despite my emailing Xfers support when it happened to me, so in my opinion Xfers is liable as an accessory.

I will be trying to contact various online media to see which of them are interested to pick up this story to help warn people.

If anyone else had similar issues with Coinbase please feel free to pm me.
it might also be a problem with Xfers instead of Coinbase.. that's why I prefer those where you can directly transfer into their account.
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