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I'm considering to get the UBOX because I've wanted a TV android box for a long time. However, considering my TV-watching habits, I was wondering if anyone had some advice.

I tend to rewatch mostly old shows like Simpsons, The Office, Friends, etc. I have them all in my hard drive, and now I'm using Chromecast on my TV to watch them. The more I look at the Unblock TV channels, the more I realised I'd rather just rewatch my old stuff, or stick to Netflix and Chromecast.

Should I go for a TV box like UBOX, or should I get something simpler like the Mi Box? Or do I not even need one? It's a hassle for me to turn on my laptop everytime I want to watch TV so I just need something simple that can stream my AVI or MP4 files to my TV.

Would appreciate advice, thank you!
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