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I'm considering to get the UBOX because I've wanted a TV android box for a long time. However, considering my TV-watching habits, I was wondering if anyone had some advice.

I tend to rewatch mostly old shows like Simpsons, The Office, Friends, etc. I have them all in my hard drive, and now I'm using Chromecast on my TV to watch them. The more I look at the Unblock TV channels, the more I realised I'd rather just rewatch my old stuff, or stick to Netflix and Chromecast.

Should I go for a TV box like UBOX, or should I get something simpler like the Mi Box? Or do I not even need one? It's a hassle for me to turn on my laptop everytime I want to watch TV so I just need something simple that can stream my AVI or MP4 files to my TV.

Would appreciate advice, thank you!
Any generic $50-60 tv box available online will do if you are mainly playing media through ext. hdd. Can also install apps like movie hd to watch movies or drama through streaming.

If I just want to watch the channels provided by UBox, is now a good time to get or better to wait? I only worried if new version come out, the price will be higher than the current 179 dollars

i.e. I am quite unsure how higher specs can help
You answered your own question. if you just want access to the ub apps and is not concerned about specs, then buy now if the price is ok for you. You might even want to consider the cheaper black 512mb ram version to save a few bucks. Buy tv box is not choose husband or wife. Dont have to wreck your brains day and night to make a choice. Just buy according to your needs and budget.

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