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From zzxxzzxx brother and adding the digi plan into his summary:
Xpax (Celcom) - RM10
7 days validity
7 days 200mb data (fast)
RM6 credit
10GB free data (64kbps)
10GB free Facebook data (fast)
Daily RM3/1GB


Hotlink (Maxis) - RM10
5 days validity
2 days 300mb data (fast)
RM5 credit
0.5GB free Chat data (?)
1GB free Saturday data (fast)
1GB free Sunday data (fast)
5 friends free calls (Hotlink/Maxis)
Daily RM3/1GB


U Mobile (Power) - RM8.50
10 days validity
10 days 200mb data (fast)
RM5 credit
15mins/day free calls (U Mobile)
After topup RM10:
- 1GB free data (fast)
- 2GB free data (64kbps)
15mins/day free calls (U Mobile)


U Mobile (Unlimited) - RM8.50
10 days validity
10 days 200mb data (fast)
RM5 credit
15mins/day free calls (U Mobile)
1GB free data (64kbps)
After topup RM10:
- Unlimited data APP>ONZ (fast)

Digi Best (RM$8 starter pack)
RM5 credit
300MB for 7 days
30 days validity
RM3 for 1GB day pass
[Shop sales person in Bukit Indah says need to top up RM$30 upon buying, so upfront is RM$38]

I only need data, minimal call except for emergency use.
I am on Starhub Happy prepaid, where i buy e 1GB data for $5 when i go in.
Usually shared among 4 pax, 3 of them minimal whatsapp, facebook, but i play game.

I had an internet data counter app that shows how much data passes thru wifi/3G on the tethering phone. And usually when it hits 250MB on my counter, Starhub has alr said that my 1GB has been used up...WTF.

So i am thinking of getting a Malaysian prepaid card as i go in once or twice a month and may need more than 1GB of data (since 1GB is always not enough, which i dont understand). Seems like 3RM for 1GB is best deal for day pass. Is there cheaper than 3RM for 1GB within the apps coz i saw some online exclusive deals within the app on some pics shared in this thread. I am thinking of Digi, Umobile or hotlink.

A few questions:
Does the top-up 1RM in the last few days of grace/inactive period works for all the telcos prepaid? or only Digi?
What r e inactive/grace period of hotlink/Umobile? 60 days for Umobile and 50 days for hotlink.
Digi is 75 days for best, if i saw correctly on someone's post.

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