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1) System 3 is a good option.
2) 3-5 ticks
3) 3MKS50 + 25 X 2 + 35
4) Best to leave it exposed.
Hi Terumo and all,
I finally ready to make the purchase but i am confused as some shops state 3mks50Fsg and the other states 3mks50Efg. Why this difference? F or E is the better one?

This model is 4 ticks vs. smile 5 ticks yet the energy cost/annum is similar. The price difference is 600-700. Why is this 4 ticks so cheap?

I got the offer of 2.9k for the 3mks50fsg that is inc.of swg22, drainage pipe 16mm, armaflex class 0 1/2, cables and 2 trip installation. My ID's aircon supllier. What do u think of this price?

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