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I am thinkingto change my old 5 FCU and 3 ACU (about 12 year-old) in my old condo as they seem like going to koyak soon.

Just got a quote at $8k for 2 ACU (daikin 80 smile series 5 ticks) and 5 FCU (9+9+12+18+18) including new pipings plus upgrading of materials, open up and make good false ceiling. But no installation of new drain pipe.

I am a bit concerned of reusing the old drain pipe as it may be choked up after so many years of useage. However, the installer said the drain pipes are all hidden in the wall and run underneath the floor tiles. Hence they can only flash the drain pipe to clear any potential blockage.

Anyone can give me suggestion of how to test the leakage in the drain pipe? I am not thinking of exposing new drain pipe but thinking of flashing and testing the old drain pipe for leakage. If after the test and confirm the old drain pipe is leaking, then bo pian have to think of other solution.
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