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hi guys just to check how the network for xox? at area like ksl teman sentosa and genting is it good and to get the sim only way is through the link show in previous post of contact that TS?
No idea about Sentosa.

I was in Genting.

Outdoor, indoor, hotel lobby, hotel room (First World and Resort Hotel) = 4G 95% of the time with damn good LTE speed.

Inside the casinos = Switching between 4G and H+ all the time depending on which spots you are inside the casinos.

During my journey along NS Highway between Singapore and Genting, 4G all the time, all the way!

In summary, CELCOM based XOX card is simply awesome!

Buying from that TS is convenience! He got my xox card registered and mailed it out to me in just 1.5 hours after confirming the deal. I received my xox card on that 3rd business day.

You can pick it up personally from him at Woodland area too!
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