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Choose the 3 and 7 rm one?
If you think that 250MB is enough for you in 24 hours trip. Then choose RM3 for 250MB.

If you think that 250MB is NOT enough for you in 24 hours. Then choose RM7 for 350MB.

For multiple days trip in malaysia. oFr example; 3/4 Genting trip. Please choose RM10/7 days - 350MB. That means that 350MB is valid for 7 days. if you used up the 350MB before 7 days. You just withdraw another Daily (Rm3 or RM7 or RM10 package) accordingly to you needs.

Do not choose Daily one as you reminding data will be forfotted after 24 hours. Waste your data and money even though it is RM3 more comparing between a Daily/1 Day - RM7 and Daily/7 Dyas - RM10.
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