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*150# should be a free service, it's only when you subscribe to something via SMS that it'll be charged as we're roaming with the OneXOX card. So that leaves this possibility out, though I'm not sure why it's not working for you as I've only been using the app lately.

AFAIK, GST is chargeable against our reload amount, and because we've already paid for this tax, there will not be another GST charge when we subscribe to something that results in the cost deduction from our credit balance.

That is:
- You've say, RM10 credit balance
- You reload RM50
- Total credit balance will be RM60
- After a while, you'll notice a GST deduction against your RM50 reload amount
- When you subscribe to say, yesterday's 10GB @RM50, you should only be charged exactly RM50 - no more GST deduction.

Hope the above helps.

Edit: Will also have to take into account any initial reload done in order to extend validity to 28-month, etc. GST is chargeable against all reloads as we're foreign users.
I did not do the reload of RM50. I just purchase the SP directly inside the xox apps.
So if like what you had mentioned, the deduction is for the GST, means I had been double charged?

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