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I see. No wonder it doesnt works.
When you see numbers with *...#, chances are that it's a USSD code, and that's done with the Call button of your keypad. If you see *150*3#, you can either dial directly, or go into *150# menu to choose option 3.

What i mean is it only RM 3 and 7 is available for the SP deduction?
Once you've an SP "wallet" you need not see the cost, only the xxGB and validity of that package. So long as you've enough data in your SP, you can choose whichever suits your expected usage.
Edit: Of course, if you've an expected longer stay or another trip coming up, have a good look to see which looks more economical.

I did not do the reload of RM50. I just purchase the SP directly inside the xox apps.
So if like what you had mentioned, the deduction is for the GST, means I had been double charged?
(Edit) OK, so you paid via credit card. (We normally top up and let it deduct from the credit balance. )

Might have been deduction for something else, like an earlier top up, if no SMS was sent out...

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