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When you see numbers with *...#, chances are that it's a USSD code, and that's done with the Call button of your keypad. If you see *150*3#, you can either dial directly, or go into *150# menu to choose option 3.

Yup, I understand this part. That's why i tried using *150# then call and it does not work, telling me USSD not available or something like that.

Once you've an SP "wallet" you need not see the cost, only the xxGB and validity of that package. So long as you've enough data in your SP, you can choose whichever suits your expected usage.

Ok, so now my SP wallet shows that i got about 10500mb of data, does this means i can straight away use the data once i'm inside malaysia? or do i need to like 'transfer' some data out from the SP wallet to use?

(Edit) OK, so you paid via credit card. (We normally top up and let it deduct from the credit balance. )

Might have been deduction for something else, like an earlier top up, if no SMS was sent out...

Ya. I just choose the options inside the apps to purchase the SP directly instead of reload and purchase.
My value had been constantly remains the same since i last used the card 2 months ago, except for the shifting of MA Bal over to DA. Thats whyI like to detect whats the root for the deduction in case its my problem. Like how I previously go use the SMS method to check for credit balance and incur roaming sms of $2.50.

Now waiting for XOX to get back and see if they can answer me on the deduction.
As above....
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